Using Source Code Meditation to beat lower brain dominance

  Lower brain dominance has a complex array of Mind/Body/Relationship/Environment dynamics, and since the 4 dimensions are multidirectional, all the lower brain representations in mind, body, relationships or environment can act as triggers to engage/energize the lower brain even further. These triggers can come up as cravings for comfort. The lower brain aims to convince you to choose the comfortable route in which you can escape your current reality to avoid dealing. The 4D’s specific triggers, such as alcohol, the “thought that I am overwhelmed”, negative environments, friends that don’t support us, credit card collectors calling, patterns of hollow sexual relationships, family dynamics that show up, old friends, recurring thoughts, money issues, etc., all act to further engage or reengage the lower brain.

During my practice of Summit 7, through SalutoGenesis I disrupted the self-reinforcing feedback response between lower brain physiology and its expression in all four dimensions of my life. I found the shadow energy and converted it to fuel for my brain.

One example of how I did that in the financial dimension of my environment, how I responded to Covid-19:

Towards the beginning of the quarantine in May, I was perplexed how I could potentially lose out on an job opportunity due to a health crisis that was as weak as the Flu. As I began to realize that times were changing, I knew that I had to take larger action to ensure financial abundance. With this summit’s help, I was been able to motivate myself to completely revolutionize my understanding of global finance, macroeconomics, and geopolitics.

As I was in my Higher Brain state, I choose to educate myself on the concept of multiple streams of income. From selling stuff online, to renovating houses with my dad, I have been on a journey to understanding how to increase the liquidity of my income to be able to invest into business ideas and real estate. I have also learned of the financial crisis that we are all currently in, globally, due to the Federal Reserve’s relentless printing of money (in efforts to prop up the economy). I absolutely agree that crypto and all money is imaginary. It is simply a store of value used to represent an exchange or an IOU. We live in an efficient globally transacted world where sending money burns more energy and is more expensive than traveling with a suitcase of money in an airplane to where you want to get it to. Liquidity is nonexistent in the current antiquated systems of cross border payments.

If the powers at be have a good enough reason to stop the economy, they can push out a specific agenda that enables instant liquidity. Many government and bank documents show that blockchain technology will dominate all payments throughout the world: retail and wholesale. All of this is due to the fact that we live in a digital world, where money can be safely stored and sent in a matter of seconds to provide for a sense of liquidity. This blockchain enabled system change will inevitably unlock money in the global economy that has not ever existed, due to the shear friction that the current systems cause in all transactions. Central banks, across the world, see this new Distributed Ledger system as a way to steer away from depending on the heavily inflated US dollar. This is because of the weight that the US dollar has on the value of every other known fiat currency in global trade and the derivatives markets.

Digitization eases energy loss and supports 24/7, 365 days, at an almost instant speed with little to no fees. Using this DLT system also helps to monitor illegal laundering of money, and it keeps the money extremely secure in a conglomerate of quantum super computers. It feels like I’m taking a look at the matrix when I begin to follow the money and see how the partnerships of specific cryptos plans to work harmoniously in a specific blockchain ecosystem to sustain the future global financial world. When you use technical analysis on the graphs which record the growth of cryptocurrency, you can lookout for those indicators of bullish behavior and bearish behavior expressed through candle wicks that may or may not exceed previous resistance levels. These noticed patterns are never 100% correct, but using this strategy, an investor can make intelligent trades and make the most out of profits.

To me, central banks want the dollar to crash, to usher in this new era. Using techniques, I was able to  I opened up new pathways for a consciously holistic lifestyle. As my destiny becomes hardwired into my brain and becomes the mylenated default for how I choose to navigate through my higher life, I feel clarity. I accept my ability to be. I am financially abundant. I know that the contraction and expansion of the matrix can be tuned into like a radio station. By using critical thinking, SalutoGenesis allows me access to the imprint of the akashic records. With Source Code Meditation, I can process and live in the higher intelligence, and allow for the symmetry throughout my being to align the 4 dimensions of identity in the 5th dimension of my self-awareness: which exists as the unitary state of Being.



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