Uncovering the Solution to the Global Financial Crisis, Energy Solutions Surrounding Interledger Protocol Family: utility-based cryptocurrencies aimed at reducing friction in global financial payments

Above is a picture taken from a YouTube video made by Kevin Cage. You can check out his channel to learn more about blockchain and cryptocurrency.  I do not own rights to this photo. An ecosystem of cryptocurrencies helping each other to work with regulators. Private sector working to produce a digital wholesale CBDC and retail CBDC to handle all the markets and all the money. Since the world is collectively combating climate change which in itself is an agenda, they are pushing for Blockchain and cryptocurrency related Ledger systems for the entire global banking system. All connections with payment players and holders of all the money. Enabled mainly through DLT which is Ripple powered.

This is not financial advice. This is for entertainment purposes only.

With the help of Source Code Meditation, I have been able to motivate myself to completely revolutionize my financial understanding of the financial dimension of reality with the Life Codes techniques taught in the 9 summits of Transformation. As I used coaching advice to expand my perspective of personal finances, I was able to enable multiple streams of income that I would have never before fathomed were even possible. From selling stuff online, to renovating houses with my dad, to digital marketing for different markets, to copyrighting, I have been on a journey to understanding the skill-centered workforce of this modern era. This brings me to the fourth industrial revolution: the blockchain crypto boom. Recently, I’ve learned about cryptocurrency and have personally invested into blockchain cryptocurrency that are solving issues throughout the world. I have also learned of the financial crisis that we are currently in globally, due to the Federal Reserves relentless printing of money in efforts to prop up the economy. I absolutely agree that crypto and currency is imaginary. It is simply a store of value used to represent an exchange or an IOU. We live in a world where sending money burns more energy and is less feasible than traveling with money in an airplane to where you want to get it to. Liquidity is nonexistent in the current antiquated systems of cross border payments.

If the powers at be have a good enough reason to stop the economy, they can push out a specific agenda that enables instant liquidity. This will usher in the era of blockchain technology that will dominate payments throughout the world. All of this is due to the fact that we live in a digital world, where money will be stored and sent in a matter of seconds to provide for movement of money. Big banks are looking to make the switch to blockchain and DLT. Digitization of global financial payments ease energy loss and supports 24/7, 365 days, at an almost instant speed with little to no fees. Much much more is going on affecting the utility and use cases for cryptocurrencies to help save a lot of energy and money. It feels like I’m taking a look at the matrix when I begin to follow the money and see how much of it is invested into specific blockchain ecosystems that will sustain the global economy. When you use technical analysis to study patterns in all markets, you can lookout for those indicators of bullish behavior and bearish behavior, expressed through candle wicks that may or may not exceed previous resistance levels. These relationships constantly show up in the geopolitical narratives that build up throughout the world. Many of those narratives are controlled by ineffective media outlets. Source Code Meditation has allowed me to become aware of these moving parts.

Initially, I believe that the media feeds us propaganda and fear mongering news. It is our own duty to find out what’s really going on using critical thinking and research. With Source Code Meditation, I have been able to watch the news objectively to separate logic and emotion. I no longer allow fear to fuel my actions and emotions. What I’ve found is that our US economy is essentially controlled by the Federal Reserve Bank. They have been printing billions and trillions of dollars over the past years which has been bringing the value of our dollar down (because there’s more supply). In Business markets, if supply goes up higher than the demand, the value lowers. What we feel today with our lack of purchasing power and cost of living in America is really caused by an incredible rise in inflation.

Imagine if there was a bubble around our whole country. As money gets pumped, the bubble gets bigger. The major problem doesn’t really play its part until a sort of “stress” is put onto the economy. Now, the stress is the global pandemic. As we go into each phase, the economy is shifting. As the media distracts us with the election, the big players are making their moves in the markets. This includes the federal reserve bank. Now, this new system moves away from that printing of money. The New system is an upgraded 2.0 version of what the old lacked. It wasted money, it took too long, it was bad for the pollution problem of CO2 emissions, and it didn’t allow for every country to trade currencies on the same system. That’s why currency exchanges are currently inefficient without this technology. This technology is enabled mainly by Ripple and a few others. Ripple moves money around the world like water. This system will also enable people to travel and bridge world currencies, with a fraction of the fees and in a fraction of the time. The New system solves the global energy waste issues we have today. Realistically, I may be wrong, but I believe the pandemic has guided us into this transition.

Leading up to now, the media has continuously posed us with the problem that inefficient technology is causing by pointing the problem that is caused by the inefficient transfer of energy. That’s the problem. They waited for our reaction, but we would rather let the world burn. So, here we are in a lockdown where all of these big financial changes are occurring to control us. Personally, I’m invested into the cryptocurrency ecosystem posed above in the picture to make tons of money alongside the global elite. Following the money. Brings you to pot of gold. We are living in a conspiracy theory at the moment. Now why is that? They want to create a financial big bang with a cheap cryptocurrency market that solves global issues. The main two companies that I have faith in personally are Ripple and Stellar Lumens. After all is said and done investors are looking to make a lot of money on investments due to its growing utility now and higher profit capability in comparison to a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. I am personally looking to see that growth within a year or two because regulatory clarity has been showing signs of radical changes as of recently. Ripple is a US company that is working with Central Banks and regulators (people who make the rules) to switch over to the new Distributed Ledger Technology (from Ripple). In my opinion, the rising tensions of a possible cold war against China is technology based. A technology that will race to make digital money and payments mainstream globally: just like the race to the moon and the race to the atom bomb. The system seems as though it would be difficult for the average person to use, but I strongly believe that banks will allow for it to be easy for the masses using something similar to an app on a phone. This is important because no one will even know that this system is freeing up so much money that the old system would waste. This means there’s plenty for us to take for ourselves. I am only investing what I afford to lose. But to me, with all this going on, I afford to lose more to the matrix, if I don’t take action. Again, this is not financial advice. This is for entertainment purposes only. I simply aim to bring awareness to what I have become aware of.

To conclude, Ripple’s cryptocurrency, XRP is the rainbow gold standard for all cryptocurrency. A sleeping giant unicorn. There is a lot of fear, uncertainty, and doubt surrounding XRP, but more research proves the fundamental superiority that Ripple brings to the ecosystem It has the best technology that is solving the larger scoped issues in modern human history. Stellar Lumens (XLM) is like the silver sister to XRP, but with a lower entry point at the moment. Stellar is working to utilize USDC in a digital dollar project for the everyday retail consumer. In my opinion, this means that the digital dollar for the US will be rolled out within the next 6-8 weeks alongside a new stimulus bill. Algorand (ALGO) is a CBDC for the Marshall Islands and has an amazing team and cryptographer, credit and collateralized Decentralized Finance aka Defi. Defi enables loans using Aave(LEND), Cosmos(ATOM), Chainlink(LINK),and Ethereum(ETH). Ethereum is the safest investment, but also the most expensive. Together these tokens enable smart contracts, security, interoperability, and feasibility for the big bang to be sustained.




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