Optimizing your own Source Code Meditation Practice

Dive deep into your Source Code practice more efficiently!
After I finished Summit 3 of the 9 summits of Transformation, I realized that I had been perceiving the idea of shadow work in the wrong light. Changing your perspective on your own self-awareness provides the necessary base framework for a personal transformation. I spent countless hours reading up and learning about mindfulness and self-reflecting, but none of it truly impacted my life in a sustainable way.
That was until I found out that self-improvement works when your mind, body, and spirit are in a receptive and enlightened state. This meant that I needed to throw out everything that I previously thought I knew about change. Source Code Meditation has showed me that self work can be more transformative when results-driven expectation is removed from the process. Optimizing my practice has consisted of clarifying what it means to do the work, modifying how I do the work, setting up a time and place to do the work, and setting an intention for the work.
Deep work vs. Shallow work
Deep work: Professional activities performed in a state of distraction-free concentration that push your cognitive capabilities to their limit. Creates value.
Shallow work: Non-cognitively demanding, logistical-style tasks, often performed while distracted. Doesn’t create value.
Enhancing Your Own Source Code Meditation Practice
Where: identify a location that can be used for the practice
How Long: set a specific time frame for each Deep Work session, if possible.
How: your practice needs consistency to keep your efforts sustained.
Support: to maximize success, you can use community as a source of accountability to enhance your innate desire to practice the meditation.
Communal mediation: Meditation in a group environment can be very motivating and purposeful for making it a tradition to be shared by friends and family.
Work Remotely: start by asking for a half-day, preferably mornings
Email: treat email as a to-do and schedule it in your calendar twice per day
Disable Phone Notifications: disable all notifications. Focused sessions are more impactful. If it’s truly urgent, put phone on call-only.
Schedule Internet Time: schedule in advance when you’ll use the Internet and avoid it outside of those times.
New Insights: as your conscious mind rests, the unconscious mind takes over and provides valuable insights or creative ideas and consolidates memories
Recharge: Your meditational practice should restore your ability to direct your attention.
Evening Work Is Usually Not Important: work that you fit in your downtime isn’t normally high-value activities that really advance your career but rather low-value shallow tasks.
Quit Social Media: all those notifications hurt your ability to focus and stay focused. Social media isn’t all bad but it’s definitely a bad habit. If you’d like more time to practice the SCM mediation yourself, spending less time on social media is a good sense of time management.
Practice Saying “No”: be selective when deciding what opportunities to go after.

Source Code Meditation Technique Description
The method of Source Code Meditation that is called the foundational base can be performed in 3-5 min. While the consciousness expanding meditation that follows can feel timeless, but may last as long as you want. As you relax into the waves of salutogenisis, you can’t help but smile at the visualization of the infinite consciousness within you. As consciousness mirrors consciousness, reality has no choice but to create more consciousness.
Learn a little bit more about the Source Code Meditation book here for free:
Learn more about this revolutionary meditative technique by visiting this website: SourceCodeMeditation.com


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