From Breath to Love, I Welcome You to My Safehaven of Infinite Curiosity, Light, and Abundance

Embark on this journey with me to learn the foundations of a fundamental “bridge to the gap in modern meditation” that is Source Code Meditation! This community, filled with amazing individuals from across the globe, are aimed at bringing awareness to a meditational technique which utilizes a healing anatomical phenomenon called ‘salutogenesis’. Salutogenesis brings our minds and bodies to balanced levels, and offers full-body oxygenation to share some of  the awesome benefits of consistent meditation, in a fraction of the time. It is convenient for the modern person who is trying to be more productive in the same time. This meditation produces states of being that promote anti-aging, stress-relief, and relaxation. In that moment of salutogenesis, time ceases to exist, and you are enveloped into a net of ubiquitous warmth that invigorates the spirit to choose love, unity, compassion, and self-empowerment. As amazing as it sounds, each experience varies and offers unlimited catharsis and truth seeking potential.  To me, I see the “Source Code Meditation base method” as being a key that offers key insights and knowledge into our universal healing bodies while activating the flow of unexpressed potential that lay dormant within.

“When both the interior and exterior (mind and brain) are shifted together, as with the Source Code Meditation technique, these two dimensions feedback into each other through resonance, a self-reinforcing dynamic, each strengthening the other” (Source Code Meditation Book).

My spine feels a peaceful release. It occurs and stimulates the nerves as a wave of euphoria. Each meditation is subjective to each unique, individual meditative experience. The mind is brought into higher realms of thought: offering a clarified perspective that exists to serve our highest intention for the expression of love.

We can learn to appreciate the expression of harmony by living, speaking, and acting in with activity at the basis for progression. I believe that it is very important to practice specific habits on our own, to be mindful of stressful life situations. With this, the disciplining of habit becomes as natural as making a logical decision without lower-level thinking getting in the way.

I do believe that we have a particular duty to continue to liberate and empower our minds against those who are trying to manipulate our perspective realities. As a compassionate humanity, we can choose to learn the sustainable way of life through all cameras of the human soul. With that, we can bring peace and harmony within our environments.

We shall plant our generational seeds. We shall water those seeds, and allow for sunlight and time to do its part with patience. One day, the yield of our reward will produce a sustainable garden with a lovely oak tree. Life will be abundant, and the future will be restored. Change can be a cultural enrichment of the soul, rather than a drag of our comfortable physical realities

As moving light, it is imperative to learn to feel the kinesthetic body senses within the reality of our existence to get a better sense of our existential reality. But we must also learn to let go of certain existential realities if they do not serve us in a specific dimension of our wellness. There are four dimensions of wellness to be mindful of: Mind/Consciousness, Body/Brain, Relationships/Culture, Environment/Systems. We must understand the current dimension that the universe has guided us for growth or discipline. Sometimes your reality sheds a layer and everything feels like “you are changing” and you are unsure of the outcome, so you don’t know what to do. Source Code Meditation has shown me an alternative route towards “appreciating the small beauties of life”. We can become the desired aspect of our intentions by visualizing and meditating in a higher brain-state. Your faith and your knowledge may bring you closer to the awareness of the subconscious mind.

If the world could theoretically manage the collective subconscious, it would set our mind up for a life of empowerment and self-healing. We must stand strong and release. Appreciate and believe. Love and Forgive. Embrace the negative, but never forget its effects. We can embrace the positive. Our mental and spiritual health is worth being mindful of. Playful attitudes take the emotional gain with the human experience. Peace, love, and abundance to you! I look forward to sharing my amazing adventures with you. Together, we can contribute to a collective humanity of light bringers who support love, unity, compassion, and infinite abundance. Join me!


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