The Modern-Day Dilemma of the Healing Mind

Our mind is working harder than it ever has before. We live in a modern world where we are constantly multi-tasking and focusing on multiple dimensional tasks throughout the day. We also are closely tied to our technology through the internet and social media, which heightens the amount of interactions that we experience daily. This leaves a digital imprint of our consciousness into the virtual world. Emf energy which is called electromagnetic frequency

Our ancestors have not had to deal with this issue, and while the human body has not endured enough collective time to allow for genetic mutation for all of this neurological processing. We are living in a time where dimensions of our lives experience shifts of perspective about ourselves going through change. Mindfulness of this is enough to hold acceptance and self-love true to our hearts. Once our brains become oxygenated enough to sustain our survival, we can choose to act fearlessly with logic, instead of fearfully with emotion. Turning off the survival instinct is far from what meditation aims at doing. However, allowing the ‘survivalist instinct’ to guide your daily decisions only brings upon more counter productive stress. With a foundational and habitual breathing routine, we can strive to thrive in our environment by using our higher brains to sustain our gratitude for all life moving forward.

Stress is the leading cause for disease in the world. Our inability to cope with stress only causes for a collective disconnect with those around us and even our own subconscious. Stress is held in our psyches through our emotions, and science has proven that an inability to filter out negative emotions can lead to emotional blockages. These blockages can build detrimental cycles of beliefs, attitudes, and values that open yourself up to the possibility of mental issues such as depression, many forms of anxiety, personality disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and even Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Imagine a world where we could affect the way the we see and perceive the world around us to enhance our experience of life. Imagine a world where before we learned History, Math, and Language Arts, we learned the basic principles of coping with our emotions. Imagine a world where we continued to strengthen our faith in our own minds to help us to feel better about our situation, instead of depending on a pill or treatment that would do so. Being aware of the power of the mental state to radically shift the internal chemistry of the mind and body will unlock limitless growth and manifestation power for you. The possibility is becoming much more of a reality in the minds of the growing conscious community as techniques like Source Code Meditation, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectic Behavior Therapy become more accepted in the masses. When the higher brain state is activated, all other methods of healing are more effective. The mind and body uses its connection to oxygenate and heal the stress. A healthy perspective will even cure a cold. Source Code Meditation’s methods with intention and visualization will perpetuate an expansion of infinite consciousness within. By that, one might heal and understand their true purpose to serve humanity in unity, truth, love, and fearlessness.


Psychologist Dr. Albert Ellis created the ABCDE model to help people understand the meaning of their reactions to adversity: “A is the adversity. B is the belief or thought. C is the consequent emotion and behaviour. D is the dispute or argument that your belief is causing due to your consequential emotions. To alter your perspective by proving in some way the belief is wrong is the most important thing that you can do here. E is for the new effect after you’ve opposed and disproved the irrational belief (AEI 2014). In this, we rationally perceive our reality and feel positive about what once would bring negative emotions. The aim of the ABCDE model is about changing the our perception to allow ourselves to process the event. Our interpretation of the event is a subconscious reaction which occurs automatically. This idea developed from the Freudian Iceberg theory, which explores the concept that there are three levels of consciousness: the conscious, subconscious and unconscious (Freud 1915).


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