Journal 5-Source Code Meditation Internship Reflection

Over the last two weeks I’ve studied the Source Code Meditation diligently. I’ve been meditating with my spirit mantra to activate salutogenesis simply with daily prayer throughout the day. I’ve worked deeply with Summits 1 and 2 for the first week, and I’ve worked diligently with Summits 3 and 4 for the second week. Each day, I allow for the guided meditation to soak into my soul before I get to the activities throughout the rest of my day. My enhanced sense of self-awareness has freed me from my daily negative self-talk. I was not even aware of the anxiety that I was fighting each and every day. As my consistent work with SCM has deepened, I now know what peace of mind truly feels like. I often used to indulge myself in draining activities that would leave me feeling exhausted. Now, I go with the flow within. I observe myself from the outside as unconditional love. Source Code Meditation has shown me that I can express my spirit’s ability to produce rejuvenating states of consciousness. As I try to think about which part of SCM heals me the most, I see that the self-awareness is achieved after all parts of the Source Code Meditation are formed and taken through the first 4 Summits of the Meditation. This includes the base SCM physiological breath-work, the knowledge of the spiritual journey to the Unitary state, and the affirmations that bring about enlightening states of self-perception.
I have also been researching cardiovascular health and anaerobic exercise to perform a self-experiment testing the benefits of the meditation for bringing heart rate back to resting levels after prolonged moderate to intense cardiovascular activity, such as soccer or jump roping. Since each session lasts about 45 minutes, I would test for no more than 2 trials on a given day. I would then record and compare the time it takes for the heart rate to come back to rest after prolonged exercise while using specific methods of the SCM Base meditation and without using any methods of the SCM meditation. I also plan on performing 40 breaths with the SCM method and 40 regular breaths to compare how effective each form of breathing may affect with a healthier heart response. At the end of each trial, I will then test for heart variability to compare the level of stress that my physical body is currently undergoing.
I wanted to briefly discuss a minor concussion that I experienced at the beginning of the week. I want to provide a better expression of what happened, and how I reduced the headache and post-concussive symptoms using SCM. Currently, I am at about a week out from the incident, but I’ve noticed a reduction in pain overall. I’ve also seen that my focus levels have been returning back to normal as the sensitivity of pain has gone down. The oxygenation of the meditation brings warmth and fearlessness to my overall perspective. As I write, this I am feeling waves of gratitude for what I have learned from this magnificent community.
Thus far, the community has been very accepting and motivating to all that join the Source Code Meditation movement. In terms of accommodating for any type of disability, the content can be learned online, so people with physical disabilities and COVID are accommodated for. Their business model also heavily involves community involvement and a supportive interactive environment throughout the week. This support includes a Facebook page where everyone helps each other with any questions that they are having with the practice. This page also includes testimonies on how the practice has impacted the lives of many for the better. With that, anyone that may have any type of disability is completely welcomed with open arms because we are all on this journey to bettering ourselves and gaining peace along the way. In weekly SCM Zoom calls, all new and old group members are welcome to chat with the founder and other highly experienced facilitators of the meditation. During the call, everyone’s heart is open to one another. Any communicational “noise” seems to dissipate or seem nonexistent. Before the calls, I perform the meditation and would imagine that many others do the same, given the intention of the group meetings (which is to come together as an SCM community and connect with one another).



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