Life Codes and Salutogenesis: The Most Revolutionary Meditational Practice of Source Code Meditation

Earlier, I showed how all 4 dimensions are tied together and reinforce one another. We used ‘healing’ as an easy way to illustrate the hidden relationship between all 4 dimensions of life. In summit 7, I located shadow in all 4 dimensions and used shadow energy as fuel for our growth. My shadow energy has loosened its grip, the rocket is off the launch pad and my Authentic Self is moving vertically towards Epoch 6.

Now you will consciously liberate your Authentic Self in all 4 dimensions and set them all in rapid, vertical motion. You will determine what a liberated, evolving representation of each dimension looks and feels like and the actionable steps needed to create evolution in all 4 dimensions of your new life. In Summit 7, through SalutoGenesis I disrupted the self-reinforcing feedback response between lower brain physiology and its expression in all 4 dimensions of my life. You found the shadow energy and converted it to fuel for your brain.

You will now take your continuously awakening Higher Brain into Summit 8 and your SCM Life Scan. The SCM Life Scan is used as a means to reflect all 4 dimensions (mind, body, relationships, environment) back to the newly energized Higher Brain and ‘see’ and ‘feel’ each of the 4 dimensions from a point of higher-level congruence with your Authentic Self. Then in the Higher Brain state, you will discover the key ‘right action’ of your Authentic Self that can bring about this evolution in each dimension.

The right actions coupled with the higher dimensional representations are condensed into Life Codes. Life Codes contain the ‘action required to create the outcome desired’ in each of the 4 dimensions that your Authentic Self is navigating on in its vertical accent. During the Summit 8 meditation, Life Codes are spoken after an awakened Higher Brain response (as a result of the SCM base). Then, as I move in the world and recite my Life Codes, the Higher Brain state will become contextualized around the actions required to create the outcome desired. This allows consciousness to create evolutionary change in each dimension. You want all 4 dimensions evolving in your life as one, consistent with the wakeful, powerful, joyful, integrity of your Authentic Self. The ability to have awareness to the lower brain’s attempted coup means that your Higher Brain is still dominant.

Examples of lower brain response to change might look like this: I don’t need to continue doing the practice because I have already made progress so far. Realistically, you may have made progress, but choosing not to do the practice is one main way that our lower brain chooses to stay in a comfort zone.

As higher brain physiology prevails, we need to simply acknowledge the lower brain’s tricks and do what needs to be done anyway. Each new evolution and revolution upwards through the spiral of your development can create a temporary sense of resistance in any dimension.

An important note: if you do not take the action ‘anyway’ your growth can stop.

As you flow through this Summit you will not only be able to energize your Higher Brain and attain higher consciousness but also you will learn to create this thrive brain/mind state while you simultaneously associate specific, new, positive thoughts, goals, actions and intentions.

Your newly empowered brain state can then be brought to bear on the specific areas of life that you seek progress in, thereby creating real and lasting transformation.

Your newly empowered brain state can then be brought to bear on the specific areas of life that you seek progress in, thereby creating real and lasting transformation. The rules of the game change when a shift from lower brain dominance to the Higher Brain begins. Stress is released, consciousness expands, emotions are elevated, positive thoughts flow, bad genes are turned off and good genes are turned on. While in the Higher Brain state, everything just works better, including the simultaneous utilization of other growth-promoting techniques and practices (i.e. exercise, psychotherapy, yoga, etc.). Clarity beyond complexity is a hallmark of Higher Brain perception and you will develop a keen awareness as to what lifestyle changes and additional techniques or practices would serve your growth the best as the Higher Brain state is engaged and you are on the path to a more meaningful and significant life. Intentions do not become real until they are anchored to Higher Brain physiology.

Here is a sample of the meditation to practice on your own.

1.) Life Codes Pre-Meditation:

  • Perform SCM base. Then:
  • Now while in this Higher Brain state, write down below the outcome that you desire within your ‘mind dimension’. You are in the trans-rational capacities of your brain—let your intuition guide you.
  • Now, beginning again with your mind dimension, write down 1-3 words in the space provided (at the bottom of the dimension) that best describes the most key aspect or most key action of the action required and 1-3 words that best describes the most key aspect of the outcome desired.
  • Do this for all 4 dimensions.

Let the insights guide you. Just purge onto the paper the higher outcome of that dimension. Don’t worry about how you are going to get there or that you may have tried to make change in the past and failed…just simply write down what the dimension would look like from the perspective of your Authentic Self.

  • Now make a list of action steps that you would need to take to attain the outcome required.
  • Do the above for all 4 dimensions.


I would perform the SCM base. Then, I would read aloud and allow for salutogenesis to deeply integrate this into my Authentic Self.

  • Now while in this Higher Brain state, I will write down below the outcome that I desire with my finances in the environmental dimension: I would wake up into a grand and exquisite bedroom filled with comforting linen as I gaze into the sunrise.
  • Now, I will write down 1-3 words in the space provided (at the bottom of the dimension) that best describes the most key aspect or most key action of the action required and 1-3 words that best describes the most key aspect of the outcome desired: discipline, liberation, expression, progression, and motivation
  • Action Steps to make it possible: Help others to progress, express, and reach their goals. Mastering my healing arts isn’t the whole idea, but staying patient enough to allow others to internally motivate themselves from within by choosing higher brain physiology. In this way, individuals can choose to silence their egos and resistance to change for the better.

The 1-3 word action required and the 1-3 word outcome desired are Life Codes that will be further anchored to Higher Brain physiology during the Life Codes meditation. The context of all that you wrote down in the 4D Life Scan regarding the full outcome desired and the full action required are embedded in the Life Codes. So the Life Codes have the full context of the action required to create the outcome desired embedded in them for high level representations of each of your 4 dimensions. As the Life Codes become deeply associated with Higher Brain physiology in the Life Code Meditation, that high level context becomes anchored into the actual physiology needed to make it happen. As the relationship between the Life Codes and Higher Brain physiology deepens, you will be able to state the code when approaching specific areas of your dimensions that you are trying to evolve in. Stating the Life Code will then create an upload of energy into your Higher Brain along with its empowered state of consciousness, all contextualized around the specific area you are trying to change! As you take action and make change from this Higher Brain state on a neurochemical level, adenosine is released and stimulates the production of myelin which wraps itself around these pathways in your brain making them flow faster and more efficiently towards your higher life.

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