Overcome Boredom with Source Code Meditation using Self-Awareness!

Source Code Mediation discusses the idea of self-awareness in an infinitely beneficial way. Here’s why: In life, we can agree that life is experienced through the eyes of the beholder. However, do you truly know who or what the essence of our being is? Witness your
mind; whom, may I ask, is it that’s witnessing? “The thing seer cannot be the thing seen.” Therefore, who are we really, if we aren’t our thoughts, feelings. even our physical body?

SCM aims to show you that you are the subject of your experience melting into every object in the environment. This is explained in the unitary state. “The Witness of the object cannot be the object.” Hence, “you are” or “I am” is a state of being perceived. Your being never transpires into the timeline because your true soul exists in the undying, everlasting spirit that exists before time. This is a base perspective that clarifies your true capabilities and purpose in life.

How do you explain enlightenment within the physiology of human physiology?

Subtle energy pathways in the body become more refined and efficient at carrying energy to the brain. There is an increase in metabolism of higher centers of the brain with high beta and gamma waves in the left prefrontal cortex.

How can boredom be overcome?

Boredom can be overcome by transcending your need to be comfortable. When great change in the physiology occurs, there is a great resistance to that change. This resistance keeps us from truly upgrading in a holistic way. Overcoming boredom means overcoming that resistance to change that keeps us experiencing apathetic in our lives. Apathy feeds off of comfort and resilience to change. It feeds off the fear of something different based on survival instincts that don’s serve us in this case. Overcoming boredom is about getting in and changing the chemistry of the autonomic nervous system to produce a balanced chemistry within the body. Source Code Meditation provides the process to upgrading the brain and body to overcoming many modern man-made diseases of today, especially, boredom.

The science of boredom
• Researchers found that boredom can indeed be problematic. Those who get bored quickly are more likely to be depressed and anxious, tend to be aggressive and see life as less meaningful.
• But researchers also found a much brighter side of boredom. Boredom encourages a search for meaning in life, it increases exploration and inspires novelty seeking. Boredom enables people to reconsider what they are currently doing in favor of more rewarding alternatives.
Thus, it seems that boredom helps regulate our behavior and stops us from getting stuck in unrewarding situations.

What else can be a reason for boredom in our lives?

Boredom can be a signal that our attention is subconsciously or consciously motivated to participate in another activity other than what we are currently doing. The reason as to why this happens is not always detectable, so why should we pay attention to it when it happens? Well, because as we become fully aware of limiting beliefs that we have, we begin to see that our capabilities to perform may also become limited in our inability to take massive action. Our discipline allows us to stay consistent in our attention to achieve our intended desires and goals. Boredom can subconsciously be the accepted aspect of our attention that keeps us stagnant in our growth.
On the other hand, boredom can also serve to remind us that we may be over stimulating our physical bodies in activities that may even make us feel joy. This is a reminder that moderation and mindfulness may need to be introduced to ease the stimulation of the activity.

Another way that boredom or apathy may act detrimentally on our lives is if an activity is too easy. This causes a state of stagnant learning that will halt any desire to progress, due to a lack of effort needed to complete the activity. However, being mindful and aware may not be enough to shift the habits in our life. When we radically shift our physiology, we exercise our abilities to take massive action.

How can we become aware and transcend beyond our boredom and lack of purpose in this world?

Meditation acts as a bridge for us to that awareness and tenacity that is internal motivation. Source Code Meditation was founded on the idea that we have dormant organic energy within us, waiting to be awakened. This Awakening will lead to a collective attention shift in human consciousness. An enlightenment and transcendence of the Self. The harmony of the subject with all objects allows for the subject to flow as water through its creation. The subject becomes an observer to its dreams/manifestations. A reflection of an aspiring light worker: using the powers of compassion and evolution to revolutionize the flow of energy within. As consciousness views consciousness in this way, the product of this visualization has no choice but to expand to more consciousness. To learn a little bit more about this for free, check out a snippet of the book written by the creator of the meditation, here : https://sourcecodemeditation.com/book/


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