What was your greatest state experience with Source Code Meditation so far?
My greatest state experience occurred during an SCM guided meditation, named the “Soul awakening”. As I used the technique to send the breath to the specified areas of the body, salutogenisis flowed down through my spine, and into my upper and lower extremities. The tingling sensations of my feet and fingers kept me in deep relaxation  throughout my session. My awareness of space in my kinesthetic psychic fields was extraordinarily heightened. Suddenly, I realized that I didn’t feel the need to breath, and my hands went into interesting hand positions that seemed to bring upon cathartic releases of blocked up energy. As my body began to melt into my awareness of thought, tears started to run down my eyes; no sounds, just tears. Then, a strong idea popped into my consciousness. Liberation. Enlightenment. I no longer felt the need to feel negative emotions regarding the many opportunities that were thrown
What was your most sustainable change? How did it translate into your life?
My most sustainable change occurred in Summit 1 when Michael said, “In your day-to-day, think of life from the vantage point of the human soul.” I was put directly into a sudden salutogenisis that allowed me to forgive and appreciate one person in my life who I still hold slight perspectives of resentment for. That wave of euphoria was exceptionally sustainable (even as I type this). I was compassionate enough to be aware of my own ability to love others. My heart was damaged, but the warmth that I felt through at my heart healed a part of me.

How would you describe Source Code Meditation to a new person?
Source Code Meditation is a new way of spiritual involvement and activity. Your service contributes to humanity in many dimensions of the human experience. It is an arsenal of breathing techniques and yogic postures that utilize the power of visualization to radically shift the states of being into a unitarian, non-dualistic perspective. By shifting your perspective of your own self awareness using the many meditations provided, SCM provides a method of feasible healthcare that enables our own innate ability to heal the human body in any way possible. Source Code Mediation is a movement that cannot cease to exist because it is a part of the new Enlightenment: the Consciousness Enlightenment.

How would you describe The 9 Summits to a new person?
The 9 Summits are an upwards elevating process of contemplative and visualization techniques that allow for more enlightening ,meditative experiences after performing the SCM base of the Source Code Meditation. It guides you from ego, to transcendent self, to spirit, to unitary. To me, it enables for humanity to choose to decree in “I am” and “I will”, while also bridging that to a unified perspective, such as in “We are” and “We will”. This program releases you from your current limiting beliefs by affirming your infinite sustainability in salutogenisis. The program is for the everyday person who wants to feel the enhanced benefits of consistent meditation without devoting hours on end to other meditational techniques that don’t bring a sense of transcendence to your day.

Why does this matter now?

If we look at how we choose to accept certain beliefs about our own consciousness, we see that minor shifts in our physiology can help us to feel in a way that is invulnerable to all stress and suffering. In a Higher Brain-state (which can be reached using the SCM base technique), involuntary health processes such as our immune systems and digestive systems work more effectively. This means that our subconscious health systems work at sustainable levels to keep our bodies, mind, and soul purified in good health.

Now, there are potentially millions of reasons as to why this mediation is important now, but its ability to positively affect our decision-making for the better is impeccable. From interaction between human physiology, there is chemistry. The communication of the physiological components in an environment can add to or take away from the sustainability of the environment. Moving forward, it is imperative that we get back to learning consciousness and understanding how our own self-awareness affects the world around us, which in-turn, affects our own lives. Source Code Mediation provides the human with the ability to be limitless by utilizing the power in their own values, perspective, and attitudes.