Source Code Meditation Journey Reflection 4

Jose Laboy

Time Log Week 7 | Week 8

Monday 6 hours | 3 hours

Tuesday: 5 hours | 7 hours

Wednesday 3 hours | 5 hours

Thursday 3 hours | 4 hours

Friday 2.5 hours | 5 hours

Saturday 3 hours | 2 hours

Sunday 3 hours | 4 hours

Journal IV:

The past two weeks have been extremely informative in terms of learning how the Source Code Meditation offers consciousness expanding knowledge that transforms your perspective and self awareness. I have been learning more from the digital content regarding my own personal transformation using guided visualization while in a Higher Brain-state activated by the salutogenisis technique. During one of the weekly SCM calls, I got to meet with another aspiring facilitator who practices psychology. She had an amazing way about her, and I connected with her in a calming and motivating way. We got to talk about how we came across Source Code Meditation, and quickly realized how similarly our paths had played out. We saw a calling in our communities to bring more awareness to the self and its limitless capabilities through this amazing technique.

I also got to see my representative facilitator, Steven Giron, in a face-face meeting where we exchanged specific ideas regarding how I can further expand on already published content in my blog website. We also discussed communications expectations to remain on the same page moving forward. As we appreciated each other ‘s presence and intention during the meeting, our fun and lively selves remained playful with laughter, but serious with intention. I truly look up to the way Steve speaks to me as an aspiring facilitator because he is extremely clear in expression with his word usage. He doesn’t beat around the bush, and works with me to narrow in on a productive vision. This helps me to bring more awareness to the power of the Source Code Meditation.  . At Praexis Aletheia more about this emerging new stage of human consciousness and how you can awaken your own inner organic technology, enlighten your mind, and transcend your perspective of If you are currently a healer, planning to be a Source Code Meditation facilitator, or just trying to radically improve your own ability to usher in abundance, and you’d like to learn more from manifestation geniuses like Steven Giron, apply to the Praxis Aletheia, Metamodern Mystery school at the link here:


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