Source Code Meditation Reflection Journal 3

Jose Laboy

Time Log Week 5 | Week 6

Monday 4 hours | 6 hours

Tuesday: 4 hours | 3 hours

Wednesday 6 hours | 6 hours

Thursday 4. 5 hours | 4 hours

Friday 3 hours | 3 hours

Saturday 2 hours | 3.5 hours

Sunday 3 hours | 3 hours

I have accomplished the first 2 summits of the 9 that Source Code Meditation offers in their digital course “The 9 Summits of Transformation”. I am currently blogging about content that is related to the holistic nature of Source Code Meditation. My goal is to work more on increasing the natural organic ranking of my content. I also want to learn how to organize my blog content in categories to make it easier for readers to access desired content. This would make it so that they can choose from content in various dimensions of their wellness and culture. I have been consistently reflecting upon the meditative experiences, while also attempting to bridge the gap of understanding to SCM.

In The 9 Summits of Transformation, I was able to get the sense that Michael Cotton, the founder, is an extraordinary communicator and human being. Michael offers clear and concise information about the meditational techniques in a compassionate way. His teaching style resonated with me because he brings me to understanding of the content within Source Code Meditation with absolute clarity.  My main liaison facilitator at Source Code Meditation is Dr. Steven Giron. His communication style works very similarly to Michael’s, although I feel as though his inspiring communicational tone resonates more with me. He is straight-forward and completely tenacious when it comes to spreading awareness of the Source Code Meditation. His presence is calm as he intelligently explains how SCM works in the quantum physical level. I have also met on Zoom with Laura Cotton, resident director of the SCM retreat who is a facilitator and co-founder of the meditation. She is an amazing communicator. In our small group meeting, I got to experience how effective her active listening is. She guides discussion and assesses key critical thinking to gauge our understanding of our own ideas and visualizations.

From the guided meditation offered in the 1st Summit of Transformation:

“…In your day-to-day, think of life from the vantage point of the human soul. Tell me what you see.”

My meditative reaction:

When he said this, I forgot to breathe and lost track of time. I was still enjoying the waves of luminous light that enveloped me in an aura ubiquitous of peace and enlightenment. I began to think of the word forgiveness. Then, without delay I began to feel a cathartic release of blame for people that I felt before did not deserve my forgiveness. I began to “feel” my cry come along, but no sounds were released. As I began to feel subtle jolts of euphoric salutogenisis (process of healing energy flow) surround my stomach area, I teared up just a little and began to realize that I am compassionate enough to liberate myself from lower vibrational feelings. As I hadn’t released true forgiveness, I was choosing to limit my ability to fully love somebody because of what had been done to me. That perspective had been accepted upon and put away in subconscious thought. As I hadn’t released true forgiveness, I was choosing to limit my ability to fully love and create because I was indirectly victimizing myself for what had been done to me. My higher brain state was able to recognize and realize that it wasn’t anyone’s fault that it happened, and now I was aware that a fully expressive heart loves and forgives with no bounds. This enables the realization that you could fully love all along, if you just forgave yourself for not being in control. It’s okay because life elevates and your perspective expands. Much abundance and gratitude to anyone reading this. You’re spirit is all encompassing and infinite in the unitary state.

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