Source Code Meditation book discussion : Addicted to the Struggle

One of the most profoundly written passages in the Source Code Meditation book, written by Michael Cotton, referred to the lower brain as being “addicted to the struggle” because it offered a safe haven of learned behaviors. “There can be no growth, evolution or progress in your life if the lower brain’s grip isn’t loosened.” The lower brain fears change, growth, and evolution. The lower brain experiences the inertia of the human experience. Once we can learn to tap in to our higher brain thinking, by using our ever so sustainable breath, we can access higher vibrational states and, with that, feel happier emotions.
“In addition to blood and energy [going] away from the higher brain it is also [going] away from the digestive system and immune system.” Your immune system keeps you alive. It keeps a simple cold from taking over your body and killing you.

Now, if there was a method that could enhance your immune system, your metabolism (ability to break down food for energy), and your overall well-being, all simply by oxygenizing the brain, would you do it? Some might say yes. Some might say it depends. For the next several weeks I’m going to be recording my own personal health indicators to see how specific indicators of stress (which are pre-cursors to disease) can be affected after the meditative routines and techniques. With this, I aim to show how these techniques don’t only serve us to bring our wellbeing and happiness to its purest levels. They can actually help us to live quantifiable healthier lives that lead us to a happier wellbeing.

I view his passage to be representative of the several levels of consciousness that portray varied perspectives of the human experience. The state of consciousness guided by lower brain activity views the universe as working in opposition to them. Higher brain activity realizes that the universe may work through them to get them to their dreams, but may also be a reason to work against them in their failures. A brain that has been in a higher brain state consistently, sees that the universe works for them in all situations, especially in their failures. Now, the point is that together as one we are realizing and expressing the the truth of how unique, abundant, and beautiful each of us truly are.



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