Source Code Meditation Internship Journal 7 Reflection

I have had an amazing journey learning and documenting my progress with the 9 summits of transformation program. This year has shown me that my internal motivation to persist in my passion for meditation has shown me a graceful way of life that I had not previously expected for in a “pandemic environment”. My internship, specifically enhanced my ability to work on my own. By innovating new ways of learning, I was able to create content in the same process. I hope to be able to hold and engage with different types of viewers to bridge their awareness to Source Code Meditation using this copywriting strategy. As I’ve been submitting content into my website, I also know that Search Engine Optimization is another key tool that I could use to bring more organic traffic into my website overtime to rank well in my keywords. Ranking well translates into showing up first on the Google search results.

I have collected some amazing results so far, however I want to add to the validity with a couple more trials that I will finish for the final project this week. I also have content progress in regards to what I reflected upon in a 1-on-1 coaching session where my facilitator helped me expand my understanding of the financial dimension of consciousness. A similar I have achieved physical measurements of my health progress by recording daily heart-rate variability and heart rate measurements. I have also achieved in creating a website where I reflect upon specific content emphasized in the Source Code Meditation. My project will consist of research and analysis of my heart data that I aim to use to figure out how this specific meditation can help athletes looking to gain enhanced performance in their sport.

With the attention shifting onto our own consciousness, we see now the power that we hold in creation through our Authentic selves. By separating ourselves from that we are not, we see that what we consist of is infinitely luminous channels of energy which aim to sustain us. As Source Code Meditation aims to assimilate us into a new age of Unitarian thinking, the divergence shifts into a convergence where all of creation meets. Each experience with SCM is enlightening to the natural behavior of the human spirit; except it harmonizes the chemistry with cognitive expansion. New ways of thinking wired up to internally motivate us to follow our calling; and ultimately serve humanity with intense passion. Learn why you must bring the higher states (shift in self-identity) into your emerging evolutionary being. My blog will continue to bridge the awareness to the Transcendent Self, so that I can emphasize the Unitarian state within our matrix education realities. None of the culture matters because our upgraded physiology can work with the flow of the cosmos to produce a reality deserving of a unitary Being. This individual shift will inevitably domino effect into a Transcendent Awakening of the Collective Consciousness. An era will emerge to thrust us forward into the “Age of Opportunity” rather than an “Age of Struggle”. An “Age of Fearlessness” rather than an “Age of Fear”. My internship has shown me the importance of freedom and compassion gained through a faithful perspective. I will cherish that by continuing to work on my site even after the internship is over.