Source Code Meditation Refection Journal 2

Jose Laboy


Time Log            Week  3 |  Week 4

Monday                 3 hours  | 5 hours

Tuesday:                 4 hours  | 4 hours

Wednesday            5 hours | 6 hours

Thursday                 4 hours  | 4 hours

Friday                      3 hours   | 3 hours

Saturday                 2 hours     | 2 hours

Sunday                     3 hours     | 3 hours

Reflections of my practice:

This week, I became aware of many specific sensations and thoughts regarding my digestive system. After practicing the technique, I have been drawn to the center of my abdomen where pulses and spasms were occurring. To me, I rationalized this as my digestive system needing much needed recovery and assistance breaking down food that has not been metabolized. I was aware of allergies on 5 out of the 14 days each week. The allergies were weirdly a signal to my body that undigested food was being broken down, and that I would need to release the waste in the restroom. After each healthy poop, I was invigorated with a new sense of positive well-being. I learned this week to moderate and limit how much I eat and how late I choose to eat.

I have also met with Laura Cotton, resident director of the SCM retreat who is a facilitator and co-founder of the meditation. She is an amazing communicator. In our small group meeting, I got to see how she guides discussion and assesses key critical thinking to gauge our understanding of whatever it is we are talking about.

A description of the meditation and why I think it is so important:

“When both the interior and exterior(mind and brain) are shifted together, as with the SCM technique, these two dimensions feedback into each other through resonance, a self-reinforcing dynamic, each strengthening the other”[From the SCM Book: Hacking Evolution]. All of this occurs with breathing techniques with specific body positioning and mental visualization. The breathing pattern created, in conjunction with other key factors, allows for a catharsis to push your senses to an invigorating state of being. As the oxygen flows through the body to the brain, it shoots back to specific areas of the body: some voluntarily and other involuntarily. The wave of feeling that exists

My spine feels a peaceful release. It occurs and stimulates the nerves as a wave of euphoria. Each meditation is subjective to each unique, individual meditative experience. The mind is brought into higher realms of thought: offering a clarified perspective that exists to serve our highest intention for the expression of love.

I’ve created more content and I have some of what I’ve written published onto my site. I am currently re-reading and editing some of my other content to make sure that all necessary revisions have been made. I have purchased a domain. The most challenging part of my internship (so far) has been creating my website and visualizing the layout of how things are supposed to flow. As I have analyzed

I have been practicing the foundation of the meditation and have been periodically recording health indicators to blog about improvement in emotional regulation and indicators such as blood pressure and resting heart rate.

I have participated in one of the two calls in Source Code Meditation community calls ( this week) to participate in small group and big group discussion in regards to enhancing our current practice of the meditation. We have also been in discussion about the sociological and physiological impact that deep breathing and meditation has on the body help bring our form of modern meditation. The participants in the call include the founder of the meditation who leads with three or four others that act as team leaders so to speak. My main objective up until now has been to create content that offers knowledge, truth, and perspective in congruence with Source Code Meditation. I intend to create consistent content that offers insight into the meditational technique, as an expressive activity, which enhances the innate ability to filter out negative energy around us. We are all capable of so much more than we have believed that we are. The powerful words “I am” and “We are” have revolutionized the way we perceive our world. Learn more about how Source Code Meditation enables that by visiting .



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