Source Code Meditation Journal 6

I have had an amazing journey learning and documenting my progress with the 9 summits of transformation program. These two weeks have been a lot slower for me due to a minor concussion, but my work with Source Code Meditation has been extremely focused and routine. I have had a major breakthrough in my mind as I’ve been counting my breaths to a 100 while performing the base.
In my own SCM practice, I have been feeling specific tendencies to inhale through my nose with exaggerated “mewing” and embrace the buildup of oxygen into the prefrontal cortex. I allow SalutoGenesis to elevate and buildup into my body; then, I calm the heart’s rate in a breath-hold after a full inhale to synergize with the hold while intending on universal homeostasis throughout the body. I eventually come to a physical catharsis moment of inexerted energy within various parts of my body which feel extremely intense, but liberating. This eureka of euphoria reaffirms that I have fearless cape of love and conscious expansion that extends to many others who share that love with me. Sometimes this moment occurs when I release the breath fully, and hold my breath after the exhale. My upper and lower vortexes usually feel extremely connected. As the urge to want to breath in comes, I feel that it aims to serve conscious expansion. I bring my respiratory rate to a close zero breaths/min. In either instance I feel that my heart rate lowers and my HRV rises. As my focus centers into the blank canvas, synonymous with my conscious awareness of the unitary state; I observe and notice how grateful I am to see how SCM serves to clarify and unify. Our intrinsic universal purpose is to expand our realized potential in all dimensions expressed in Summit 8. Transmutation of Being happens, as Time fades away(and while space contracts and expands). Then, as awareness of Self which transcends time rides a vehicle of unexplored neural connectivity, new awareness and habits fit right into sustain our new myelenated sense of Higher Being. Awareness of The Creator, which exists in everything that we do, intend, and build may exist to unite us with other like-minded consciousness shifters of modern society. I usually do these holds after a full round of the 100-breath count where SalutoGenesis is encouraged to free flow. I have invested into a Whoop fitness watch will help me to measure and record personal data regarding my heart rate variability and resting heart rate, and it records live footage of my heart rate to use for after workouts when I want to bring my heart rate to an optimal level using the Source Code Meditation. I have been gathering and recording more trials that add to the validity of any claims which will aim to prove the efficacy of the Source Code Meditation on cardiovascular health, which in turn enhances athletic readiness to perform. I produced research based blog content on my site to provide with an physiological understanding of the heart and how that ties into athletic performance. I also supplied anyone with resources based off of hard research in the field with appropriate references of that research.


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