Source Code Meditation Reflection Journal 1

Jose Luis Laboy III SCM journal 1


Time Log Week 1 | Week 2

Monday 8 hours | 7 hours

Tuesday: 8 hours | 2 hours

Wednesday 4 hours | 4 hours

Thursday 3 hours | 4 hours

Friday 5 hours | 2 hours

Saturday 2 hours | 2 hours

Sunday 5 hours | 5 hours


I have devoted a lot of time and energy to edit the site that will serve as the main way that will assist the Source Code Meditation community. I will use my blog as a source for their organization. I have been working diligently to work with artsy friends to help develop my logo. I was able to cut multiple images to fit the idea that I had in mind for my blog. Then, I brainstormed for hours in regards to how my content would be structured for aspiring modern meditators and light bringers.

From there, I was able to publish some content. I learned a lot from working on a site for a program that I implemented for kids exercise involving Disney characters. I am utilizing WordPress to publish my site in real-time. For the future, I am looking into figuring out how to incorporate a speed processor for the efficient loading of my site. I am excited and grateful to be a part of this enlightenment of higher brain activity for an enhanced state of being for consciousness.


Why learn the Source Code Meditation?

1. Experience deep peace, joy and clarity by attaining enlightenment consciousness

2. Live with certainty as you discover absolute truths beyond all life’s overwhelm and complexity

3. Activate dormant potential in your brain that unlocks potential in your life

4. Experience the gifts of decades of meditation


Learn about the amazing revolutionaries who are behind our transformational programs and will be leading your retreats, workshops, and online content:


Dr. Michael Cotton

Founder of Source Code Meditation, Integral Metatheorist

Dr. Michael Cotton is a leading theorist in the evolution of consciousness, culture, and the brain. As the director of The NEW HUMAN University™ and creator of the Higher Brain Living® technique, he has more than 30 years’ experience in personal and cultural transformation. Michael is now introducing, for the first time, Source Code Meditation™ and the 9 Summits of Transformation™. He holds a doctorate in Chiropractic. He is also the author of “Source Code Meditation: Hacking Evolution Through Higher Brain Elevation.”


Dr. Steven Giron

Lead Trainer, One-Day Workshop Leader, Retreat Facilitator

Steven Giron trains Facilitators of Source Code Meditation, instructs classes at The New Human University, leads SCM One-Day Workshop Meditation Intensives, and is part of Dr. Cotton’s elite team of

Facilitators at weekend and International SCM Retreats. Before joining the corporate Team in Chicago, IL., Steve created a successful, 6-figure Higher Brain Living practice in New York City, one of the largest HBL practices in the world, second only to Dr. Cotton’s practices. Before facilitating and training SCM, Steve earned his Ph.D. in experimental elementary-particle physics, served as a Science Advisor in high-level, IP litigation cases for a decade, and completed the core curriculum for a Master’s degree in Marriage & Family Therapy.


Laura Cotton


Director of Retreats, Retreat Facilitator

Laura Cotton is a Certified Source Code Meditation™ Facilitator with over a decade worth of experience in the technique. Laura is the Director of Retreat Experience for SCM and a Board Member of the New Human Research and Development Institute.


Alison Ooms


Director of Research- Alison Ooms is licensed and trained in neurofeedback and Quantitative Electro Encephlagraph (QEEG) technologist. Alison began conducting QEEG research on Source Code Meditation™ in 2012.


Personal Reflection on Source Code Meditation

Embark on this journey with me to experience the foundations of a fundamental “bridge to the gap in modern meditation” that is Source Code Meditation! This community of amazing individuals are aimed at bringing awareness to a meditational technique which utilizes a human anatomical phenomenon called ‘salutogenisis’. Salutogenisis brings our minds and bodies to balanced levels, and it offers oxygenation throughout ourselves to heal many of meditations awesome benefits such as promoting anti-aging, being stress-relieving, and promoting relaxation.

As moving light, it is imperative to learn to feel the kinesthetic body senses within the scope of our reality to learn more about our own existential reality. In our existential reality, it pertains to what exists in regards to empirical data rather than theoretical. We must learn to let go of certain existential realities if they do not serve us in a specific, and measured dimension of our wellness. As scientists, we cannot become alchemists until we observe and troubleshoot our daily consumption chemistry. There are four dimensions of wellness to be mindful of: Mind/Consciousness, Body/Brain, Relationships/Culture, Environment/Systems. We must understand the current dimension that the universe has guided us to for growth or attention. Sometimes our reality sheds a layer and everything feels like it’s changing, and you are unsure of the outcome, so you don’t know what to do.

Source Code Meditation has shown me an alternative route towards “appreciating the small beauties of life”. We can become the desired aspect of our intentions by visualizing and meditating in a higher brain-state. Your faith and your knowledge may bring you closer to the awareness of the subconscious mind with Source Code Meditation. I’ve learned a lot by reading and critically responding with the book in deep analysis of the literature. One specific quote that I liked “There can be no growth, evolution or progress in your life if the lower brain’s grip isn’t loosened.” This I learned is because the lower brain fears change, growth, and evolution. The lower brain experiences the inertia of the human soul. Once we can learn to tap in to our higher brain thinking, by using our ever so sustainable breath, we can access higher vibrational states and, with that, feel happier emotions. I have been practicing the “foundational base” of the meditation all we can once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and once at night. As an individual within the human consciousness, we may choose to learn the sustainable way of life through all cameras of the human soul. With that, we can bring peace and harmony within our environments. I hope that you can take something away from my upcoming reflections of the Source Code Meditation and bring upon an expansive perspective in regards to your own life experiences.


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