Transcendent Awakening: A religious and spiritual connection to the Unitary State

The Transcendent Self and How to Tune Yourself into Limitless Consciousness:

  1. Experience/Knowledge: The Transcendent Self is known as the eternal, immortal witness to all that arises, including all of creation. When you see your Transcendent Self as absolute freedom from death, decay and destruction is experienced. To me, when I reflected upon this idea during the guided meditation (for the third round), I made an extremely surreal realization that freedom from death is achieved in the paradox of experiencing death of some kind. With this, we can break down the matrix of our realities which consist of infinite thoughts, values, and attitudes. These belief systems of perspective can be affected with an enhanced sense of self-awareness in The Transcendent state. This provides access to the pure peace—free of time, space and conditioned reality. Manifestation can be maximized after using SalutoGenesis as a carrier vehicle for your intention. As the idea, intention, and perspective flows through the body; the chemistry and physiology is solidified in the visualization of consciousness. This belief enables the ability to manifest infinite abundance by observing the manifestation of a reflected version of yourself that exists outside of your physical body. This observed version exists outside of time and space within peace. It is the subject of the experience that has become Lover of all the objects in the human experience, including their own sense of self.
  2. Physiology: Increased metabolism of higher spiritual centers of the brain such as the parietal cortex, prefrontal cortex and the pineal gland. There might be more, but studies must be done to test for the areas.
  3. Technique: Tuning the engaged Higher Brain towards the Transcendent Self with contemplative/meditative/self-inquiry techniques introduced into this advanced Higher Brain physiology and carried through the system and to the brain via SalutoGenic breath/waves.

My spiritual experience with the Source Code Meditation Transcendent Awakening (Summit 2 of the 9 Summits of Transformation) led me to researching how humans have rationalized spiritual experiences thus far. “Spiritual experiences can be religious in nature or not, such as feeling of oneness in nature or the absence of self during creative flow states.”

Science behind Spiritual Experiences

Researchers at Yale and the Spirituality Mind Body Institute at Columbia University performed a study where they interviewed 27 young adults to gather information about past stressful and relaxing experiences as well as their spiritual experiences. The subjects then underwent fMRI scans while listening for the first time to recordings based on their personalized experiences. While individual spiritual experiences differed, researchers noted similar patterns of activity in the parietal cortex as the subjects imagined experiencing the events in the recordings (Miller 2018). Potenza stressed other brain areas are probably also involved in the formation of spiritual experiences. This experiment was important because it helps future researchers study spiritual experience and its impact on mental health.

Christian Theology and An Underlying Connection to the Transcendent Awakening

When it comes to my own central Christology, I believe that Jesus Christ represents each of us as fully human and completely divine. “That the humanity of Jesus is a new humanity grounded in God’s grace is the point of the biblical and creedal affirmations that Jesus was ‘conceived by the Holy Spirit’ and ‘born of the virgin Mary'” (Milgore, 181). Jesus transcended the human experience, despite suffering, by connecting to the Holy Spirit. I believe that by facing the evil doers with grace, Jesus was able to remain self-aware of God’s intention. “God acts, suffers, and triumphs in and through Jesus. In Jesus Christ, we do not have less than God’s very own presence in our humanity” (Milgore, 183).

According to many Christians, Jesus defeated the forces of evil in the world. I believe that Jesus aligns the triune of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit to combat evil in the only effective way possible; with Love. In Christian Theology, “satisfaction theory” discusses how we think the world is giving us satisfaction; but in reality, God is the one that truly only satisfies us, and he is the only one that will do so. A Transcendent awakening ties together the purest aspects of the Holy Spirit to describe how creation occurred. Self-awareness of luminous light occurs after darkness or death occurs. This is why the interpretations say that He(Jesus) had to die. He died because of love, transcendence, and the elevation of consciousness in an underdeveloped humanity. He achieved these things by dying on the cross, and essentially, saving us all faithful Christians who believe in God. This is just one instance where I’ve seen how this meditation resonates with religion, but there are infinite possibilities that lie dormant in the religious belief systems of every soul that exists to lead humanity back to the Spirit. This is the Transcendent awakening.


My Own Creative Take on Belief

“From that hole, you can see the truth. The all-seeing eye pulls back the curtain for you to choose. Will it be red, will it be blue? I choose to shine like the rainbow, because I want to. From light, we see the infinite frequencies in the divine. What will happen and has happened, doesn’t mean that we are defined. The real truth is hardly ever hard to come by.  What makes us feel comfort, can indirectly bring us to be confined. While, we are in our mind, sometimes life triggers you to see a six as a nine. Between two points in this life, there always exists another line. With the Source, we are aware of the limitless power that we hold near. Like a neuron, I fire up, ready to shift my thoughts and rationalize fear. Maintaining homeostasis, I aim to bring awareness to Salutogenisis. Engulfed into the waves of Deep relaxation and peace:

I am. I am. I am.

I am aware of that which doesn’t serve me. Therefore,

I am not “what doesn’t serve me”.

I am love.

I am compassion.

I am empathy.

I am sustainable.

I am fearless.

I am eternal.

I am holistically healthy.

I am abundant.

I am consciousness.



  1. Lisa Miller, Iris M Balodis, Clayton H McClintock, Jiansong Xu, Cheryl M Lacadie, Rajita Sinha, Marc N Potenza. Neural Correlates of Personalized Spiritual Experiences. Cerebral Cortex, 2018; DOI: 10.1093/cercor/bhy102
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